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Our Instructors

Teachers at The Music Box are all professional musicians. Most have a college degree in Music Education, Performance, or Music Therapy. All teachers teach music reading and writing and can teach to the level of conservatory or college preparation on their primary instrument.

We are committed to keeping music fun. Music is one of the most difficult skills to master. Not only are reading music, skills, and proper techniques necessary, but they must be performed in exact time and performed with expression! Students generally want to put the time into things that they enjoy. Although there are often times when things get difficult, the teacher will try to differentiate frustration from lack of interest. Teachers continually assess the student’s progress and preference for songs and styles of music. For this reason they will often suggest new books. It is important to keep lines of communication open for these reasons, among others.

Teachers will often use incentives like stickers and prizes for good progress, but family interest and pride are excellent motivators.